Site-specific light artwork
New Uppsala Buss Depot
Commissioned by the Region Uppsala
Completed 2021  

"Direction" is a permanent light art installation created for the new Uppsala Buss Depot, depicting buses working life as choreography in light and color.

The Bus Depot is a place where the city's buses gather to rest, eat, sleep, shower and to be maintained. Behind the depot’s austere façade, a great effort is taking place in order to maintain city's dynamics and makes us feel safe and taken care of. From Uppsala’s Bus Depot buses get in and out around the clock, hovering in their wavering paths through the city's chaos. With the light in motion “Direction” depicts this universe of constant activities. Programmed light sequences reflect buses everyday life and their faithful flow.

“Direction” is integrated in the central part of the main building façade. The artwork appears with darkness as soft diffused light in motion, constantly changing in various movements.

Project leader: Åke Forsgren, Region Uppsala
Art consultant: Martin Ålund

Photo Robin Hayes

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