Site-specific light artwork
for Nyköpings Gymnasium, Sweden
Commissioned by Nyköping municipality
Completed 2021

GEOMETRY is a programmed light artwork that continuously changes shape. The work consists of light lines in two lengths, positioned on the wall in a geometrical formation. By activating lines with light and colors, infinite forms and color combinations appear.

GEOMETRY is created for the Nyköpings Gymnasium's new X-house. X-house is a lively gathering place for the school's students, developed as a heart of the campus area that links several older buildings. The room has a generous volume and height and a large wall surface where Geometry is placed. The artwork has dimension of approximately 6x6m.

It is fascinating to see a simple line that builds different shapes from simple figure to complex constellation and how the experience of space and its dimension changes. I find the symbolic parallel between the artwork and the journey every young student who enters this world of higher education does. Absorbing the knowledge, gaining new experiences, making visions and building dreams to develop into completely unique and unpredictable personalities. The work GEOMETRY symbolizes such a journey. Line - the simplest figure in geometry, builds unique, complex and unexpected shapes, as kit of elements to construct own dreams.

Art consultant  Eva Josephson/ Nyköping municipality

Photo Robin Hayes

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