commissioned by the Uppsala Municipality

V.I.P. is a white circle strategically located in the schoolyard where paths cross and people pass. This white painted circle on the asphalted school ground is surrounded by three slightly overstated white poles, with light fixtures directed towards the circle's center. From a distance it can be perceived as a clear, illuminated arena, attracting passers-by to enter into the spotlight. Once you step into V.I.P the illuminated circle transforms into playful multi-coloured fireworks, where colourful shadows stretch in all directions. It surprises with a sudden change, from a blank passive white into an engaging play of colour and light. V.I.P makes one feel as a star.

My idea is based on additive colour mixing in which red, green and blue mix together to give white light. When these light rays are broken up, the 'shadows' of their complementary colours appear.

photo Robin Hayes

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