My Light Future - Tirana

A public art project dedicated to the world of children with the aim of giving prominence to children's point of view in society. After collecting thoughts and opinions from 3 to 6 years old children of Tirana, those voices are translated into light messages and placed in various public and private locations in the city. Using the commercial communications strategy in which the shop windows attract passers-by, the light phrases make visible what is usually invisible: the thoughts, the dreams and the observations of children.

During the two weeks period in May 2013, the windows of libraries, shops, cafes and artistic and cultural spaces in Tirana created a light map that brought attention to the children, in the same time presenting the network of places that symbolize the imagination and the creativity of Tirana. For the occasion of the project the children workshop was held at EU Info Centre.

My Light Future – Tirana is realized in collaboration with T.I.C.A. Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art. Initiated and supported by the Swedish Institute

Thanks to the kind cooperation of  T.I.C.A. – air lab, Vodafone, EU Info centre, cafe Radio, The Home, Librari Tirana e Re, Bar 01, The Children Home at rezidenca Kodra e dielit, Kafe Librari e Për Shme, Tirana Ekspres, all the children who shared their visions with us, and the special contribution of Alketa Kurrizo.

photo Tommaso Bonaventura

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