Welcome Home

commissioned by the Stockholmshem, completed December 2013

Welcome Home is a light work that lives in symbiosis with the architecture and landscape. The installation is integrated in the 13meter high staircase, which is located in the new residential area in the Stockholm suburb Årstadal. The work stretches through the area as an unrolled carpet of light visible even from the other side of the Årsta Bay. Form, colours and intensity of the “carpet” are constantly changing at a barely perceptible pace.

Welcome Home stretches through the residential area Sjöviksbacken, Årstadal in Stockholm.

Realized with the assistants of Carl-Johan Nordin, Jonas Bard and Måns Ejhed.
Art Consultant Birgitta Silfverhielm

Awarded special diploma on 2014 round of competition Swedish Lighting Award!

photo Robin Hayes

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