My Light Future - Ljubljana

A public art project dedicated to the world of children with the aim of giving prominence to children's point of view in society. After collecting thoughts and opinions from 3 to 8 years old children of Slovenia, those voices are translated into light messages and placed in various public and private locations in Ljubljana’s city centre. Using the commercial communications strategy in which the shop windows attract passers-by, the light phrases make visible what is usually invisible: the thoughts, the dreams and the observations of children.
Project is part of the  Lighting Guerrilla Festival, on show from September 4 to October 10, 2014. The topic of 2014 festival edition is Bright Future.

My Light Future – Ljubljana is realized in collaboration with Lighting Guerrilla Festival and Stripcore  

Thanks to the kind cooperation of agency Adecco, Art Shop, Bang & Olufsen, boutique Cliche, boutique Deha, bakery Domača peka, bookshop Felix, flower shop Gardenia, gallery Hest, furniture shop id:doma, institute IRIU, Maxi Market, hairdresser Mič Styling, gallery Mota Point, Okvir, bookshop Otona Župančiča, agency Sonček, TipoRenesansa and Vanila Park, all the children who shared their visions with us, and the special contribution of Matjaz Brulc and Andrej Stular.

photo Tommaso Bonaventura

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