Site-specific light installation
Commissioned by the Sunbybergs stad, completed July 2015

"Heroes" is a vibrant and playful light installation related to children. It consists of a number of light points that together form portraits of children. The dynamics of the installation lies in its constant fluctuation; the transformation takes place at calm pace that is on the verge of perception with some faster hints of more dynamic events. The images gradually change colour and intensity of light, and thus, one by one emerges the different faces of the children.

My intention was to create a light work that involves and engages children. A work that exists in symbiosis with the architecture whilst complementing the environment with a positive element. A work that is dynamic and alive.

I have collaborated with the Italian photographer Tommaso Bonaventura who has been photographing school children in the suburbs of Rome and in the villages in Serbia. Hundreds of school children got involved in this project.

Welcome to experience “Heroes” at Lilla Alby School, Humblegatan 19, Sunbyberg in Stockholm

Project was awarded 2nd Prize on ArtZept 2015 International Design Competition in Prague, Czech Republic.

Realized with the assistants of Carl-Johan Nordin
photo Robin Hayes

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