Site-specific light artwork
Commissioned by the Ragunda municipality, completed december 2015

Outlook is a subtly dynamic light work created for the Nipängens old people's nursing home with intention of adding a suggestive and comforting element in the daily life of the residents. The artwork depicts a recognizable motif of the area - the sky seen though the crowns of trees. Nipängen home is located in the fascinating forest landscape of the province of Jämtland in central Sweden.

Outlook is made of a mirror glass, with integrated dynamic lighting system. During the daytime the fragments of the mirror surface reflect the surroundings and the observer's position give rise to shifting and animated effects. While during the dark hours subtle smooth light emerges through the glass resembling light and colours of the Jämtland sky, programmed to change in ways that bring the work to life, as if it were a film, a melody or a story told in light.

The project is a product of collaboration between the artist, the borough of Ragunda and the Philips Lighting Nordic, with the support of the Swedish Arts Council.  
Art consultant Carina Landin, Ragunda municipality

Photo: Robin Hayes

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