Wait, Let Me Think

January 31 - March 1, 2015, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

“Happy? That's quite a difficult question. Wait, let me think. Can't come up with anything… I rest my eyes on the pillow… The moon is shining brightly. I don't want to be where the pearls are. My favourite colour is rainbow. My hero looks like you. Look at yourself in the mirror, you're upside-down… “

"Wait, Let Me Think" was my first solo exhibition in Stockholm on the invitation of Celia Prado, curator and artistic director of the SKF. That was an extensive site-specific exposition and further development of mine for many years on-going project "My Light Future". Inspired by commercial lights and the role of advertising in daily life. This project examines communication with light texts. The work is based on interviews with children, aged three to six years, about their life and visions of the future. The excerpts from those recordings were presented as light texts and assembled together resulting in my own, personal (light) story.

The project was conducted in collaboration with ANODA, a youth project run by the Dalarna County Council together with Avesta Art and Film and with preschool institutions in Leksand, Smedjebacken, Orsa and Avesta. Coordinated by Lina Josefsson.

photo: Robin Hayes

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