Northern Lights in Jerusalem

Light in Jerusalem
May 25 - June 2, 2016

Northern Lights is a light-art piece inspired by the enthralling experience of the aurora borealis, the spectacular and poetic natural light phenomenon that occurs in the sky of the northern hemisphere.

In May 2016, invited by the Jerusalem Light Festival, Northern Lights travelled to the Holy Land to dwell within the walls of the ancient Old City, just beside the Jaffa Gate and under the Tower of David. With the backdrop of the historical Jerusalem City Wall dating from the era of Suleyman the Magnificent the poetry of the Northern Lights attained a dreamlike  interaction with the winds of the warm dark Jerusalem nights. The Jerusalem Light festival attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors during its seven days.

Northern Lighs was realized in collaboration with Amsterdam Light Festival.

Photo: Yossi Zwecker and A Stratimirovic

Northern Lights in Jerusalem

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