My Light Future - Vallentuna

"Hello everyone
I hear twittering and think that they yearn
I felt strong, but here I am also alone
I have many friends, but I have no good friend
I have three friends..."

A public art project dedicated to the world of children with the aim of giving prominence to children's point of view in society. My Light Future in Vallentuna is realized in collaboration with Creative School and Optimus classes in Vallentuna. The artwork is based on the interviews done with pupils from Optimus class, which largely consists of unaccompanied refugee children from Afghanistan, Somalia and other war-torn countries, whose past is nothing but a darkness and tomorrow is a mystery.
From children’s visions of their everyday life and future, phrases and thoughts are picked out to become light text and reveal a glint of a complex story …

Using the commercial communications strategy in which the shop windows attract passers-by, the light phrases draw attention to these children's fate and their right to a decent future.
Artwork was integrated in the shop windows of Vallentuna town centre during period 12-28 november.
Exhibition in Konstkuben, Vallentuna Cultural Centre was on show 1-13 December 2016.

Project coordinator: Vesna Stanisic, Creative School, Vallentuna

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