Commissioned by Stockholm Vatten and Stockholm konst
Completed August 2017

I was impressed and inspired by the activities at Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant in Danvikstull in Stockholm. Powerful environment of underground tunnels and pools where wonders happen. Wonders that keep this city clean, fresh and healthy. Enormous amounts of unclean water flow daily into the treatment plant to come out in more or less drinkable condition. The artwork WATER symbolizes this complex process and the water cycle in this city.

WATER is a sculpture in the form of a light cabinet. It consists of 1968 small glass vials filled with different coloured liquid, lined up in a sterile cabinet, with backlighting. In each small vial, the colour has been blended by hand to create a collection of bluish liquids, which perceived from a distance appear as an image. The image shows the outlines of a city, some tall houses, and the blue sky with white clouds above the city. It's a view from a place near my studio, towards the Henriksdal plant.

Art consultant Torbjörn Johansson /Stockholm konst

Photo Robin Hayes

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