Site-specific temporary light installation for Art Encounters Biennale, Timisoara

"Passage" is a path that connects imaginary places. It symbolises openings that create opportunities, directions to follow in desire to fulfil our dreams.

"Passage" is created for the anonymous site in the periphery of Timisoara, transited by many citizens on their way to the city center or on their way back home from factories. I was inspired by the distinct architectural simplicity of the bridge construction, the rhythmical setting of beams and pillars and those varieties of imaginary spaces that can appear underneath a bridge. Literally and symbolically a bridge connects and disconnects people and places. My passage under the bridge creates an intangible but visible, existing or imaginary path that opens a gateway into the imagination.

Commissioned by the Fundatia Triade, in partnership with Timisoara City Hall, Art Encounters Foundation, LIGHT EDU, ELBA Romania, AEM SA, OAR / Filiala Timiş, Timișoara 2021.
Project coordinator: Alexandra Maier/LIGHT EDU

“Passage” was inaugurated November 1st 2017 in the presence of Ms Sorina Jecza/ Fundatia Triade, Mr Dan Diaconu/ Vice-mayor of Timisoara municipality and Ms Simona Neumann/ Executive Director of “Timișoara – European Capital of Culture” Association.

Musical support: intro "Also sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss performed by musicians of Timisoara Philharmonic Orchestra

Awarded MENTION on BETA competition 2018, category Public Space.
Timisoara architecture biennial BETA is orginized by the Romanian Order of Architects – Timis Territorial Branch

Photo: Ciprian Costache, Bogdan Nestor and Seba Tataru/Fundatia Triade

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