Light Line for Tyrolen

Site-specific light installation
Location: Tynnered, Gothenburg, Sweden
Completed December 2017

During 2016-2018 the Public Art Agency Sweden focuses on public art in late modernist dwelling area, built 1965-1974 in Sweden, as a part of the governments ”Taking place” project. This initiativ, titeled ”Art is Happening”, are site-specific projects and realised in collaboration with residents, representatives from the local community, municipalities and other actors in the areas.

Tyrolen Recreation Centre is situated in Tynnered, the suburban area of Gothenburg. Young people involved in Tyrolens activities have repeatedly expressed the need for better safety in the area. People’s interest in issues of democracy has increased since it was decided that the school in Tynnered would be closed. Passionate engagement of local community motivated Public Art Agency Sweden to select Tyrolen as one of the 15 places for ”Art is Happening”.

Light & Color & Poetry ... and pink light poles.
My concept for Tyrolen is based on objectives towards safety, friendship, community, light, colour, poetry, music, dance, creativity and away from danger, darkness, hopelessness, crime, exclusion and gang recruitment. The concept was shaped through the discussions and workshops with young people from Tyrolen.  To emphasize Tyrolens existence, a colourful light line marks the direction towards the place. With its multi-coloured vivid appearance and light intensity it clearly stands out against the building's own quiet colour palette. Colours represent Tyrolen's diversity of creative activities. A number of specially designed light poles are placed in strategically selected locations to form the "light line" that indicates direction towards Tyrolen. Those distinct pink-colored light poles equipped with luminaires are highlighting the beautiful scenery in the area, places previously seen as dark and unsafe.

Commissioned by the Public Art Agency Sweden and Gothenburg City Traffic Office
Coordinated by Inger Höjer Aspemyr

Photo Robin Hayes

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