Site-specific light artwork
for Mälaröhallen, Ekerö, Stockholm
Commissioned by the Ekerö municipality
Completed August 2019

Artwork "Motion" is as a tribute to the movement of the human body, as well as it is a symbol that strengthens the identity of the sport hall Mällaröhallen.

It is inspiring to think of all sports halls, such as Mälaröhallen, as an important function they have in today's increasingly sedentary society. In the sport halls, especially young people are allowed to do what our bodies are created for - to move, to be in motion. To add an artistic design to such a positive place, I find my starting point in the aesthetics of this stylish and functional sports hall, which exudes activity and movement. The obvious inspiration is the beauty of the active human body, the movement and the exercise: MOTION.

I've always been fascinated by looking at photographic studies of the body in motion; the elements that the eye cannot see, the complex collaborations between muscles, joints, the brain, nerves and other functions that must work together to produce a movement. My intention with the work "Motion" is to add a poetic tribute to the movement of the body.

"Motion" is an interactive light work that is activated by proximity and movement. In an inactive position, "Motion" looks like a large mirror. As you approach the mirror, a light silhouette appears through the mirror surface, which performs movements illustrated in different colours, dynamics and intensities of light.

Art consultant Maud Edvardsson, Ekerö municipality
Photo Robin Hayes

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