In Motion

Spatial installation by artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic and choreographer Madeleine Karlsson with dancers Matilda Bilberg and Jonathan Bringert or Jimmie Larsson. Music is composed and preformed by Martin Jonsson Tibblin and Dohyo Sol.
In Motion is a story from the north; a northern landscape carved into space, painted in flow with no straight lines but in a harmony with light and shadow.

Performed in February 2015 at Vita Lux, Broby, Sweden
Performed in January 2014 at Scen Studio 4, Balettakademien, Stockholm
Performed in May 2012 at Atrij ZRC during the Lighting Guerrilla festival in Ljubljana with dancers Stina Ahlberg and Kaja Lorenci.

Produced by: Strip Core/Forum Ljubljana

Co-produced by: Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Photos from Ljubljana © Nada Zgank / Memento
Photos from Stockholm © Jonas Bilberg

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