Cloud gazing

Watching as the stratus and cumulus cloud formations drift slowly across the sky, changing shapes as they go along. And to where do they go? And what do they tell us? The beauty of the sky is fascinating. Who doesn’t enjoy looking for a sign and inspiration? It says that cloud gazing has played an important part in human history being instrumental in shaping the course of human history.

“Cloud gazing” is created as continuation of my on-going project ”My Light Future”. Since 2010 I have been interviewing 3 to 6 years old children around Europe and collecting their thoughts and opinions about life. For this video work I am using a collection of children’s visions to create clouds. Each phrase is transformed into a cloud, creating different forms that always inspire to cloud gazing …

"Cloud gazing" is created for the occasion of the EUNIC meeting, Swedish Institute, 2014.
Made in collaboration with design studio JobbaJobba

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