Finding inspiration in the unusual paths of celestial bodies in outer space, visual artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic and Argentine experimental trumpet player Leonel Kaplan submerge into a light and sound journey, tracing interweaving corridors within the Solar System and beyond. WAVES performance emerged inspired by the Serbian astronomer Natasa Todorovic’s scientific research about activities of celestial bodies within the Solar system. The installation and performance WAVES was created for the occasion of Belgrade of Light event as a prologue to the Todorovic’s scientific narrative.

The two artists explore interplay from light and sound perspective. Stratimirovic creates gently dynamic spatial light installation. Kaplan, known for his use of unique extended trumpet techniques, creates a site-specific composition in real time connected to the light work.

Installation WAVES is constellation of light forms in various dimensions positioned on the different levels in the exhibition space, each softly rotating in its own path.

Performed at Grad Gallery, Belgrade of Light 2019, Serbia
Photo: Vojislav Gelevski

WAVES teaser

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