Brilliance - Inside the Sun

Central Post office
Skopje, North Macedonia
8 - 11 September 2021

”Brilliance – Inside the Sun” is a dynamic ambiental light & sound installation created for the magnificent desk hall of the Central Post Office building in Skopje, North Macedonia for the occasion of Skopje Light Art District 2021.

Building is creation of the great Macedonian architect Janko Konstantinov, completed in 1982, burned in a devastating fire in 2008.  and just opened to host Brilliance…

This significant historic site, with its unique architecture, serves as a source of inspiration together with symbolic values of post office as the core of communication and global human interaction. Integrated into the building’s dome, “Brilliance” takes the shape of the space, becoming the heart of the Sun.

Soundscape is composed by Argentinian musician Leonel Kaplan.

Supported by Control Dept
Thank you "Post of North Macedonia"
Photos by Angel Angelovski, Boban Vasilevski and Emil Petro

Brilliance video

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